Property Change Guidance and Forms

Form 1 – Minor alterations and general maintenance

Changes that are included under form 1 include:

  • Colour scheme changes of any of the following: cladding, gutters, drainpipes, soffits, roof tiles, window frames, doors or any other external rendering.
  • Replacement of identical like for like same colour structure (eg replacing roof tiles) does not strictly need permission BUT the Trustees very strongly recommend that Form 1 is completed as this will dramatically reduce future problems. Often when works are started there are complaints and queries from other residents and the time spent dealing with these can cause significant delays and extra costs to plot owners.
  • Installation of UPVC window frames or doors.
  • Changes to or erection of new Canopies
  • Solar Panels
  • Water Heating Panels

Form 2 – Structures without foundations and Landscaping works

Before carrying out any changes that affect party boundaries, all affected neighbours must be consulted by the property owner.

When submitting form 2, it should be accompanied by a hand drawn sketch or plan showing the location of the planned work in relation to your property and boundary features. Any structures that are to be erected should be described in terms of their materials, colour and final dimensions including the height.

Changes that are included under form 2 include:

  • Front garden usually the open plan area of the property – Any changes to: paths/driveways, planting of bushes/trees (hedges or fences will not usually be allowed) and construction of rockeries/fixed planters etc
  • Rear Garden usually the garden area enclosed by a fence/hedge – Any low-level changes to paths or decking etc are acceptable and do not require permission BUT permission will be required for the following:
    • Erection of any structure over 2m in height, which includes but is not limited to: Summer houses/sheds/garden offices etc, Greenhouses or Glass Houses, Pergolas or archways
    • Replacement of exact like for like, same colour fencing is acceptable and does not require approval BUT, any changes to the fence design/colour/line/position require approval. Particularly: Style of fence/hedge, Addition of new fence/hedge or other boundary marker, Removal of existing fence/hedge or other boundary marker, Creation of secondary access points to properties via rear gardens
    • Position of the hedge. Enclosing any of the open plan area of the property is unlikely to be acceptable as it would breach clause 10 of the second schedule of the Covenants
  • Installation of Satellite Dishes greater than 60cm on house walls
  • Installation of large Radio Aerials

Form 3 – Works requiring Building Regulations or Planning Approval

When submitting form 3, architectural plans or elevation plans must be included in your application

Note that Permitted Development Rights are suspended for all properties on the Park presumably as part of the original covenant arrangements. This means that all modifications to the building require CWAC planning approval. Many changes also require Building Regulations approval, examples include but are not limited to:

  • Extensions
  • Addition of Conservatory or Orangery.
  • Conversion of garage spaces to other purposes
  • Erection of a new garage
  • Structural changes that change the character of a property, however subtle
  • Erection of Porches
  • Roof Line changes
  • Roof Dormer additions
  • Large Velux Window additions
  • Installation of woodburning stoves and/or Chimneys

If you believe that planning approval is not required for your work you will need to contact Cheshire West and Chester Planning Department to obtain either full planning permission or a document stating that planning permission is not required before Trustee approval will be given.

Form 4 – Work to trees with TPO’s or protected hedgerows

When submitting form 4, it should be accompanied by a hand drawn sketch showing the location of the planned work in relation to your property and boundary features as well as the CWAC TPO application reference number

Changes that are included under form 4 include:

  • Removal of Trees with TPO’s (see link below)
  • Canopy reduction on trees with TPO’s
  • Removal or replacement of protected hedgerows

Changes (either removal or planting) to trees in the front or open plan part of a property require Trustee approval. This type of work should be applied for on form 2 above

It is not usually necessary to apply for permission to change trees within the enclosed rear garden of your property unless it is subject to a TPO or is in a protected area (see link below). Trees which you have planted yourself inside your enclosed garden could not be considered part of the landscaping scheme of the Park and as such are not covered by clause 10. However, there are a few older trees on the Park which form part of the history of the Park and are visible on photographs from the days of the army camp or Delamere Manor etc. These heritage trees do form part of the Landscaping scheme of the Park and any work on them does fall under the remit of Clause 10 and requires prior approval.