DPML Email System

The DPML email system allows the Office staff to send out mass emails to residents to keep you informed about the different activities and events that are going on around the Park.   This system has 4 levels of opt-in’s to suit your own interests and needs.

Different residents at the same address may choose different options to suit their own interests and level of involvement with DPML. All mass emails that we send out will come from the info@delamerepark.co.uk email address and will contain a link in the footer to allow you to change your preferences at any time.

Level 1 – No mass emails

If you do not wish to recieve any mass emails from DPML then option 1 is your best option. This will still allow DPML staff to access your details for one-to-one communications only. However, by choosing option 1 you will not get any digital notifications of general meetings, plot fees or important updates relating to Covenants, Bye Laws .etc. Therefore we strongly advise that at least one resident for each plot is registered to receive at least level 2 emails as outlined below.

Level 2 – Contractual emails only

Contractual emails contain important information relating to your contract with DPML (via the Covenants and Deed of Trust) such as general meeting notices, plot fee information, trustee updates, Bye Law changes and other information related to the Covenant etc. It is really important that at least one of the owners of each property is subscribed to these emails otherwise you may miss out on really important information.

Level 3 – Property Change Notifications and Contractual emails

Level 3 emails will include all of the emails contained in level-2 (as outlined above) plus notifications of all new property change requests that are submitted to the Trustees. It is entirely your choice as to whether you opt in to level-3, however if you choose not to get these emails then you will need to frequently check the clubhouse notice board (or front door during lockdown) to see what change requests have been submitted. Otherwise you are likely to miss the resident consultation deadline for comments to be considered.

Level 4 -All emails

Level 4 includes all types of emails noted above plus emails notifying of events in the bar or run by community groups, home watch news and other information which the trustees have approved as being relevant and of interes to residents of the Park.

How to opt in or change your preferences

To sign up to the DPML email system or to change your preferences at any time please complete the DPML email preferences and consent form below and return this to reception