Iyengar Yoga is a safe and precise way to practice yoga.

It is a stimulating form of exercise which tones the muscles, strengthens and invigorates the whole system, thereby relaxing the mind and body.

All the postures are taken gradually and may relieve the bad back/stiff shoulders etc.

All ages can practice yoga and we have equipment to help the less flexible.

It does not matter what shape you are in, your muscles can stretch just the same. Yoga classes are not slimming clubs, but the postures do tone the muscles and help condition the body generally, so you will feel healthier.

Yoga postures, done properly, mean that you concentrate and relax the mind while you are working in them; they are a meditation in themselves. Relaxation at the end of the class usually means 5-15 minutes of total relaxation of mind and body. (Don’t you sometimes feel like some quiet in the midst of all the rush?).

Wear something comfortable – a track suit or t-shirt and leggings; don’t bother with the designer trainers, yoga is done barefoot. Bring a blanket, our teacher will advise you on the kind of mat to buy and initially she does have a few spares to lend out.

We meet every Tuesday 10:45am – 12:30pm in term time in the Park Room in the Clubhouse.


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