Resident Booking Page

Resident Booking Form

If you would like to book the Park room or Lodge for your event, fill in the booking form below and return this to

Printable (PDF) booking form for hire of the Park room or Lodge

Rules for the hire of the Park room and Lodge

  1. The proposed hirer must be an adult Plot Holder. The Trustees retain the right to refuse any request for booking the Park Room or Lodge.
  2. Provisional bookings that are made are not secure and are liable to change without notice.
  3. A request form must be completed and passed to DPML Reception in order for the booking to be confirmed or rejected by DPML staff. If any substantial alteration to the number of persons shown on the form as attending is likely, DPML must be advised at least three days prior to the event. Any special requirements / requests should be shown on the booking form for consideration by DPML management who will advise whether these can be met. If the bar ir required, the booking request form must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event date. A £100 deposit must be paid to reception on receipt of approval for the event in order to confirm the booking. Any booking which is subsequently cancelled by the hirer will result in the forfeit of the deposit (The only exception to rules 3. and 4. is for the purpose of funerals of residents, for which we do not require any deposit and which can be booked at short notice).
  4. A refundable deposit of £100 for the hire of the function room must be paid as security for the cost of any additional staffing, cleaning, repairs or replacement to DPML property that is lost or damaged during the hiring. The deposit will be retained, and a refund made if the following conditions are met: The satisfactory inspection of the premises and completion of the checklist by DPML staff showing that no damage has occurred, Bar takings in excess of £150 if the bar was used.
  5. The hirer will not sub-let the room or use it for any function or purpose other than that stated on the booking form.
  6. The hire of the Park room or Lodge does not include use of the swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, pool table or sports lounge areas. Guests attending a booked event are NOT permitted in these areas of the facility at any time.
  7. The hirer is responsible for ensuring a responsible adult is present throughout the event in order to supervise the behavior of all those attending the function. The hirer remains liable to DPML for the cost of repaires to or replacement of any property belonging to DPML which is lost, damaged or destroyed during the period of hire, even if they are not present at the event themselves.
  8. The use of DPML crockery and cutlery is available only by prior arrangement with the Bar Manager which will be given only on the express understanding that such items are washed and cleared away by the end of the function. Please note that the use of deep fat fryers is not permitted in the building.
  9. No intoxicating liquor is to be brought on to the premises.
  10. No person under the age of 18 years may purchase or consume any intoxicants on the premises at any time. The Bar Manager and staff reserve the right to refuse to serve persons without suitable ID confirming age, being produced.
  11. DPML management reserves the right to remove or have removed from the premises any person(s) causing a nuisance or behaving in a manner likely to bring DPML or the Club into disrepute.
  12. The use of the Lodge by persons under 18 years is permitted only if the event is attended by the hirer who must be responsible for collecting / returning the keys in addition to being responsible for the safety of those using the premises and for any damage to the premises during the hire period.
  13. Hirers are responsible for ensuring the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition after the event.
  14. Hirers are responsible for ensuring everyone present are aware of the position of the fire exits and assembly points and ensuring that fire exits are kept clear at all times.
  15. Any event which may be seen to have religious, charitable or political implications must have prior agreement of the Trustees.
  16. PLEASE NOTE The Clubhouse, including the Park Room and Lodge is a non smoking environment and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure this regulation is adhered to at all times.