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Bar News 19 July 2021

Please see the special edition of BarTalk highlighting all the changes that will take effect from Monday 19th July. This Includes new Bar hours, procedures and upcoming events.

We look forward to seeing you back in the bar.

Bar Talk July 2021

Cheers, Kris.

Bar Manager


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Update from the Trustees –  15 July 2021

Update from the Trustees – July 2021

Clubhouse Re-opening 15th July 2021

Dear Residents.

We have had a few queries regarding the re-opening of the Clubhouse on 19th July so here are a few clarifications:-

  1. The changing rooms and showers are open from Monday morning
  2. We would have no problem if (apart from the first slot of the day) swimmers arrive a few minutes early to get changed before their slot and equally to get changed after their slot ends
  3. Subject to any pool slots being free there is no problem at all with users turning up without booking though its probably sensible to check first
  4. Subject to slots being free there is no objection to users starting their swim early or extending beyond their booked slot (please inform reception if you are doing this)
  5. Be aware that other users (eg squash players) may also be using the changing rooms/showers
  6. Swimming slots cannot be booked for exclusive use (unless your group happens to be big enough to book all available slots – 4 before 10am, 12 thereafter)
  7. There is no requirement to mop down the facilities any more but the alcohol spray and blue roll will remain available for any who choose to use them for example to disinfect a changing bench or toilet before use (PLEASE do not flush blue roll down the toilet!)
  8. Masks are at your discretion but please respect others choices.
  9. Please feel free to ask for a bit more social space if you feel you prefer it and please do your best to accommodate such requests from others

All fobs will be returned to their normal settings

  • Standard fobs 10am to 11pm
  • Early user fobs 7:30/8am (depending on the day) to 11pm
  • Junior fobs 10am to 8pm (note only junior sports access fobs will open the pool door

Please ensure that ALL residents use their own fobs and do not tailgate using a single fob – Its fine to use one fob to open the door and then subsequent fobs are just touched to the door reader. You do not need to wait for the door to re-lock.

The Trustees