News Update

Dear Resident,

It’s that time of year when the hundreds of deciduous trees and shrubs on the Park are busy shedding their leaves. This presents DPML with the challenge of clearing them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they don’t all fall at once and on a daily basis, depending which way the wind is blowing create new ‘leaf heaps’, often in the same place that was cleared the day before. It is likely to be mid December before all leaves have fallen and been cleared away.

The gardeners have already collected large volumes of leaves and are trying to ensure paths and footsteps remain clear (also, they are in the process of spraying them to prepare for moss clearance this month).

NB the November maintenance plan you received last week via email shows that the last two weeks of November are dedicated to leaf collection, ongoing path spraying and hedge cutting.

One way you can help with the ‘leaf’ storm on the Park is clear your own garden of leaves on a regular basis (as often they are blown onto the amenity lands) and if possible top up your green bin with any leaves that are adjacent to your property on amenity lands. If 400+ properties did this it would make a considerable difference to the rate at which we can collect & dispose of the Park’s autumn leaves.

I would be most grateful if outside of an emergency regarding ‘leaves’ you allowed the gardeners to deliver the November maintenance plan