In addition to being a site full of exciting and relevant information about Delamere Park, the website is a means of ensuring good communication links exist between all groups and residents who enjoy life on the Park.

This site was developed for and on behalf of residents of Delamere Park by DesignCoUK, a local website and communications company. David Vickers a director of the company was at one time a resident on the Park and it is thanks to his input that we have been able to produce this site.


However it is YOUR SITE and as such we welcome suggestions on how to further develop www.delamerepark.co.uk. If you have any comments please send them to website@delamerepark.co.uk and we will try to incorporate your ideas into the site. However for legal and artistic reasons the editors reserve the right to make the final decision on the content.

This section includes electronic copies of the Delamere Park newsletters as they are published on a bi monthly basis. Other features in this section are minutes of the Trustee meetings and Plot-holder meetings. Additional features will be included in this section as they become available.